Photo how to find inner peace on a daily basis?

how to find inner peace on a daily basis?

how to find inner peace on a daily basis?

When you have a busy everyday life and spend most of your time managing everything, finding even a short moment for relaxation is not easy. Fortunately, there are tips that can help you manage to devote a few moments of rest and succeed in finding inner peace in everyday life.

Use visualization

To enjoy a moment of relaxation that costs nothing, we need to focus on a positive image. Take a trip, even a short one, even the usual bus commute to your work. Make sure to find a seat or lean back comfortably and close your eyes for a moment. Then just think of something nice like a landscape that you particularly like or your next vacation, for example. It's stupid, but it relaxes in no time!


Sharing and helping others is also a great way to have peace of mind on a daily basis. Whether you spend a day a week at the hospital in your area or offer a little of your savings to the Prem Rawat Foundation, helping the needy is a great way to get rid of stress but especially to become aware of the chance that we experiment on a daily basis.

Walk around

Walking is proven to have relaxing virtues. As soon as you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to take a short walk of a few minutes. It is a very good way to clear your head and chase away tensions and accumulated fatigue.

Alone or with friends, as you prefer, the important thing is to clear the mind. In order for this outing to be truly constructive, try walking in a quiet place, away from your desk or any other place that might cause a feeling of stress.

Devour a book

To relax a few minutes, we avoid slouching in front of the TV set, instead take this opportunity to read a book. Not only does reading help to restore serenity, but it is also a great way to get rid of all electronic devices that are major stressors in everyday life. From newspapers or devotionals to novels by Prem Rawat, any reading is good.

Take a nap

When you're stressed for no good reason, you may just need some rest. No need to take the whole afternoon for that. Just shorten your lunch break and lie down for 15 minutes. A successful technique to find inner peace.


For some people, there is nothing more relaxing than getting to the stove. Concentrated on their recipe, they escape and manage to empty their minds. Take your time and have fun without putting pressure on yourself. To be proud of oneself is also a great source of inner peace and you can achieve that when you realize the best apple pie ever.

Get up early

When you have a busy schedule, sometimes the only time you can relax is in the morning. If you are a late riser always ready to scrounge 5 extra minutes of sleep, you will have to make an effort. But you will see, once standing and after you have a little water on the face, you will be delighted to enjoy a moment of relaxation while sipping a cup of calm tea.

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