Photo Is being active a way of not thinking about your condition?

Is being active a way of not thinking about your condition?

Whether it is a condition of life, illness, personal problems or anger and negative feelings, there are several ways to forget or overcome one's current condition. And among them, being active is an effective and proven way that will help a person escape from their condition.

Work to escape one's problems

It's often difficult to leave one's worries at home, yet that's what many active people do. First of all, not to disturb their work, but especially to make work a fulfilling step for each day. Indeed almost everyone is forced to work at least half of his life. And all are trying to make this moment as serene as possible.

By working in this way, worries are no longer priorities and they are totally forgotten. It even becomes for some the main lever to overcome their current condition. Work is therefore an important source of motivation for both fighting money problems, but also family and other problems.

So even if you work for humanity like Prem Rawat does, or for a multinational company, working is an effective way to get you out of your situation.

Sport to forget one's worries

Regular sports activity is the expression of a need of the body to exercise. And giving the opportunity to express that need is fundamental. That is to say, we put the body in a state of equilibrium and we make it move as it is given to eat, as it is allowed to sleep ... All this helps to respect the body. It is to respect oneself and to love oneself a little bit.

People who do not feel the need to move live in an inhibition that is very dramatic because we cannot just delete the bodily need. If you prevent your body from moving, you put it as in a sardine box and it will move whatever happens at the first opportunity. This gives you the opportunity to pass the act of violence, the shocks to the act of speeding on the highway, the passage of the act of anger...

Regular sports activities can help to get out of a depression by restoring confidence to the person who practices it, who rediscovers their body. Do not forget that the body is first in relation with the spirit. A spirit without a body cannot express itself. It takes the materialization of the body to realize that there is a living spirit behind. It is not possible to do otherwise.

You give back confidence to your mind when you realize that your body is capable of doing something you do not think you can; and especially to live with its rhythm. We are balls of energy full of rhythm. And by doing sport, we can step up with our body's rhythm of life.

Inner peace remains the best way to forget one's condition

It is possible to transform our life into a path of sweetness, that is to say that there is a way of life that rounds the angles and makes us peaceful. In order to achieve this change, one needs to:

  • Cultivate harmony,
  • Reconnect with nature and the others by volunteering like Prem Rawat for example,
  • Not create one's own suffering,
  • Go on healing holidays, Reorient life and regularly review its evolution.

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